Category: Social Protection, Poverty, Vulnerability

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‘Productive safety nets for women in extreme poverty. Lessons from pilot projects in India and Pakistan’ Centre for Development Policy and Research Working Paper No. 28/2012, School of Oriental and African Studies

Conventional government schemes and microfinance interventions have struggled to reach the poorest and help them escape the confines of extreme poverty. In response, BRAC, Bangladesh’s largest non-governmental organisation (NGO), developed an innovative approach that...

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‘Alternative measures of chronic poverty’ in What works for the poorest? Knowledge, targeting, policies and practices edited by David Hulme, David Lawson, Imran Matin and Karen Moore (Practical Action Publishing)

Poverty reduction has become the central goal of development policies over the last decade but there is a growing realization that the poorest people rarely benefit from poverty reduction programmes. Microfinance programmes can help...