Women and Girls Rising: “Gender equality and economic growth: a win-win agenda? in Progress and resistance around the world (Routledge) edited by Ellen Chesler and Terry McGovern

Women and girls risingReview

‘It is essential that we create a new normal―in our homes, in our nations, and in this United States―and that is what the dedicated and talented women and men whose voices are represented in this book are doing every day. The book is a treasure because it tells their stories.’ – Gloria Steinem, author, lecturer, editor, and feminist activist

‘Women and girls keep this world spinning; they are also the key to keeping it from spinning out of control. Women and Girls Rising moves smoothly between personal and particular accounts–stirring testimony from Brazil, Iran, Pakistan, China, Uganda, China, and the United States graces this volumes –and analysis, eschewing policyspeak without abandoning policy or politics. The result is humane and instructive, a data-driven but never arid defense of the feminism needed to promote social justice in a world in need. Read this book and see a vibrant and global movement placing women and girls at the center of agendas for health and human rights–and for social and economic progress that doesn’t wreck our fragile and beautiful planet.’ – Dr Paul Farmer, M.D., Harvard University and Partners In Health, USA

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