Gender and international migration: globalisation, development and governance (editorial introduction 2012)

Introduction to Feminist Economics Special Issue on Gender and International Migration Volume 18 (2)

By Lourdes Beneria, Carmen Diana Deere and Naila KabeerThis contribution examines the connections between gender and international
migration around three themes: globalization, national economic development,
and governance. First, it discusses the connections between globalization and
the multiplicity of processes that have contributed to international migration
and its feminization, arguing that gender awareness is crucial to understanding
these processes. Gender analysis makes visible the increasing commodification
of care work on a global scale and highlights how the organization of families is
changing. Second, it analyzes the various avenues through which migration may
contribute to or hinder economic development, highlighting why remittances,
in particular by women, have featured very positively in the migration and
development policy discourse. Third, it discusses how issues of citizenship affect
the migrant population, showing how gender analysis highlights many
challenges with regard to nation-based notions of citizenship, particularly in
the receiving countries.

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